House Trumpet, new year, new format.

Welcome to the House Trumpet blog.

We are going to be blogging about House events, competitions, results, achievements and lots more, regularly throughout the year.

I have stepped down as Head of Petypher but am now Director of the House system alongside Mr Francis who is in charge of all House Competitions.

I am nervously writing this first blog as it is all very new to me but I feel it is important to move with the times and keep you all informed and up to date with the goings on of the House System.

Heads of House will also be involved in writing and contributing to the blogs as will the Senior Leadership House Prefects, House Captains, Vice Captains, Media Representatives and House Representatives.

The first three weeks of term have been extremely busy for the House System and no competitions have even started yet.

Mr Francis and I lead a full school assembly on Thursday 15th September rounding up last year and speaking to the whole school community about the new initiatives.

 2015-2016 Results for each section
2015-2016 Final Overall Results


Well done to Darby. This is the first time that one House has won all three parts. A great achievement. I wonder how this table will look this time next year?

We have 3 new Heads of House this year who are Miss Sullivan, Head of Aragon & Mrs Mehta, Head of Darby. Mr Jones is Head of Petypher with Mr Gibbons continuing as Head of Gryphon. They held their first House assemblies last week and it was great to see such a positive atmosphere in them all. Looks like it is going to be an exciting and competitive year!

All students should now have either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Community Award record card. This is a new initiative and so far the feedback has been positive. Students can select the tasks they want to do and work through them at their own pace.

Examples of the QMGS House Community Award Record Cards


Coming up, Senior Boys House Hockey and Senior Girls Futsal competitions. Keep track of all the competitions on the live school calendar as the Houses have their own tab.

Remember to get involved and have fun this year.  Mrs Youngman




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