House Community Awards – 1st Gold achieved!

This term saw the launch of the House Community Awards. Year 7 – 9 were issued with Bronze Community Award record cards. Year 10, 11 and 12 were given Silver and finally Year 13 were given Gold record cards.

Students have been working hard towards achieving the targets on the lists. It has been a learning curve and after several discussions, it was agreed that Year 13 were allowed to include achievements they accomplished during their Year 12. All other Year groups still had to start from September this year. 

As we approach the end of this term, the Houses Team have been impressed with how well a large number of students from all year groups have approached the challenges. In October the first Gold Community Award was completed by Nirali Parekh. Her certificate of achievement and Gold Community Award badge were presented in assembly by the Headmaster as it was such a momentous moment in the history of these awards. 

Nirali writes……

The Gold Award is a community award that allows you to give back to school through various activities. To contribute towards my award , I became a silver prefect through holding the role of Head Girl which has allowed me to develop inter – personal skills and build confidence. These skills aided my mentoring sessions with a GCSE maths student. Being partly responsible for someone else’s academic endeavours was daunting but I successfully overcame difficulties. Throughout the year I improved time management. This was key for when I played a key role in the school drama production called Bassett. I was presented with my award by Mr.Swain, during a school assembly and this was a rewarding moment for me. The awards allow pupils to not only gain house points but develop key life skills which cannot be taught in a classroom alone. I highly encourage students to attempt to try something new, step outside of their comfort zones and get stuck into this exciting opportunity. 

Nirali Parekh 6HD

Chris Lines was close behind and was the second student to finish his Gold Community Award. He writes….

My name is Chris Lines and in October of 2016 I completed the requirements to earn the gold community award. To do this, I had to complete 6 tasks out of a possible 25 and get evidence of these by getting teachers to sign the tasks off once completed. By becoming a silver prefect in October and Aragon House Captain at the start of the year, I had already completed 2 tasks. Another was to participate in 3 house competitions which over the course of last year I was able to do by taking part in house futsal, hockey, cross country and more. I also helped out as a referee in football during sports week last year, which ticked off another task. The final two were to do with CCF and by being part of the 2016 Military Skills team and attending annual camp, I had completed the 6 in order to achieve the award. 

Paramveer Bhachu is the third Year 13 student to complete his Gold Award.

Paramveer Bhachu 6MB

It has been great to see the Year 13’s doing so well and the three above are now working through the Platinum Award challenges. As the term is nearly over, other Year groups are starting to complete their Community Awards. The first Bronze Community Award has been achieved by Ben Thorn of 9D with Joseph Mitchell of 7P and Joe Dickson of 7D very close behind.

The above students awards will be formally recognised and certificates presented during House Assemblies in January.

The Houses Team encourage you all to look again at your Community Award Record card to see how close you are to completing the required challenges, get them signed and handed in. We are now waiting for the first award to be completed by Year 8, 10, 11 and 12….who will it be?

Good luck from the Houses Team

Mrs Youngman & Mr Francis

Miss Sullivan, Mrs Mehta, Mr Gibbons and Mr Jones




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