New Year = New Challenges!

It has been quite a while since we have updated this House Blog but lots has been happening. Here are just a few highlights ….

James Elliot (10P) wrote the following  report about a match that took place during the Year 10 House Basketball competition.

Petypher played Darby in a House basketball match on the 1st of December. Darby won after a very close and highly skilled game. Petypher and Darby both had very strong attacking players in tactical positions and both teams scored throughout the match.Harvir scored 2 shots in the final minutes of the game as Bismarck Badu lost possession at the halfway line. 5m away from the hoop, he scored as Petypher’s defence couldn’t keep up.

Blow are photos James took during some of the Year 10 House Basketball and House Hockey games at the end of last term.

Lots of the House & Media Representatives plus Year 7’s threw themselves into helping put together a Houses Christmas Video to be shown during the last assembly of term. Everyones enthusiasm and hard work in front of and behind the camera was much appreciated and the end result was brilliant. The whole school seemed to really enjoy the fun and christmasy feel to the video. A great way to end a very busy term.

The new year has continued to be busy with lots of sporting competitions but also some new charity challenges.

Miss Mehta ran the Food Bank Charity Challenge just before February half term. We wanted to help and support the North Walsall Food bank and asked the School Community to get behind us by being generous in approach. Each House had a box in reception in which we were asking for donations of non-perishable food items.  We tallied up all the items before they were delivered to the foodbank. As a School we donated a total of 319 items with Darby winning the overall challenge closely followed by Petypher. The North Walsall foodbank appreciated our generousity.

thank you

Miss Sullivan has introduced another Charity Challenge called Penny Wars! The Houses are battling it out and raising money for charity at the same time. 4 tubs, one for each House are situated in reception. Copper and silver coins are being placed into them but  strategy is everything! This challenge will continue for the rest of the school year. Results and rules are below….

penny 2
Results to date…….
Rules of the Game

What else has been going on?

  • House Chess is coming to an end, will Fahim Nasiri hold on to his title?.
  • Year 7 Design House competition has been judged by members of the National Memorial Arboretum thanks to Mr Hughes.
  • KS3 House Articulate is being set up by Mrs Phillips.
  • House Swimming has been taking place.
  • Senior House Rugby is on its way.
  • Mr Gibbons has been launching the Smarties Challenge with Year 7.
  • Mr Jones is about to launch the Africa Aid challenge.

and finally Community Awards have been coming in thick and fast. Ancic Matthews and Taran Singh of 9G write ….

Our first Impressions of this new House Challenge……The process has been enriching our experience of this school community and opening our eyes to the diverse range of clubs and societies. It has also been allowing us to better ourselves as members of the local community aswell. So far, working together through these comprehensive challenges, we have found that working hard to complete them was not as easy as we first anticipated. However, we believe that working hard will result in a fruitful rounded experience to not only our school careers but also our future prospects.

So that is it for now until the next update.

From the Houses Team








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