Houses rise to Charity Challenges

The  Spring term term ended with all four Houses rising to the challenges that had been set for them within the House Competitions and the Charity Challenges.

A big Thank you goes out to Mrs Phillips who ran the first ever

House Articulate Competition

which was a resounding success.

Articulate in full swing in the Food Tech Room

Individual Winners

  • Year 7  – Louis Farmer from 7D
  • Year 8 – Alek Reimus from 8P
  • Year 9 – Jackson Fraser from 9D

House Results

1st  with 19.5points were Aragon, 2nd with 18 points were Gryphon

3rd with 13 points were Darby and 4th with 8 points were Petypher


This competition concluded this term with Fahim Nasiri from Gryphon holding onto his title after a great battle against A. Garewal also from Gryphon.

A great final between F. Nasiri & A. Garewal with semi finalist Sarvesh Rajdev looking on…..maybe next year Sarvesh?

Final House Results from the Chess Competition

  • 1st place Gryphon with 248 points
  • 2nd place Petypher with 204 points
  • 3rd place Aragon with 181 points
  • 4th place Darby with 173 points

More than 200 students have been involved with this competition. Well done to all students who got involved. A great competition!

Penny Wars – Miss Sullivan – Head of Aragon explains….

Penny wars is a new competition we introduced this year for all years to participate. The aim is simple; coppers in your own tub gets you points, silvers in someone else’s tub takes points away from them. It is a tactical game where houses can stealthy put their opponents on negative points! We have seen other houses gang up on Darby and have currently left them in 4th place with -622 points. 3rd place is gryphon with 1267 points, 2nd place is petypher with 2221 points and in 1st place is Aragon with 3236 points. It is still early days at the competition is ongoing till the end of the year, so it is still anyone’s game! So far as a house system we have raised £263.47, which will be donated to day one trauma charity. I look forward to seeing the final results at the end of the year.

Miss Sullivan lead a full school assembly talking about how the Houses have supported various charities this year including Day One Trauma. We were lucky enough to have Paras Shah, an old QM boy come in to talk during the assembly. He spoke openly and passionately about Day One Trauma, his involvement with them and his continued fundraising efforts. The money raised from Penny Wars and from the Year 7 Smarties Challenge will be going to Day One.


Food Bank Challenge – Miss Mehta, Head of Darby reflects ….

It has been a successful project with the students raising over 300 items for the Walsall North foodbank. It was a very proud moment for me and the school to see students getting involved and contributing to the welfare of their local community.

Projects like this play a very important role in the social and moral development of each and every student of the school. I would like to thank all the pupils for their contribution and hope that they would continue with the good deeds outside school. Finally, I would like to congratulate all students who contributed and  a special mention goes to Darby for raising the most items for the food bank, closely followed by Petypher. I would hope that more members of the school community will get involved in similar projects.

Year 7 Smarties Challenge – Run by Mr Gibbons, Head of Gryphon

Year 7’s were set the challenge of trying to fill up tubes of smarties (once they had eaten the chocolate) with 20pence pieces over a period of weeks.

The results are as follows ….

1st = Darby (£91.20)
2nd = Gryphon (£58.70)
3rd = Aragon (average £55.70)
4th = Petypher (£22.55)

An impressive total of £283.85 was raised which will also be going to the Charity Day One. Well done Year 7 and thank you to Mr Gibbons.

We hope you have all had a good break and are ready for the Summer Term ……lots going on in the Summer Term including…

  1. House Cricket
  2. House Assemblies
  3. Sports Day/Week
  4. More ………………

In the next few days, another blog will be going up which is being written by members of 9G giving their opinion and overview of what has been going on.

From the Houses Team


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