Summer Term Round Up of Results!

It has been a while since I updated the Houses Blog as it was such a busy end to another very successful year.  Below is a round up of which House won the different areas in the overall House cometition. It was a very close run race all year and every single persons involvement led to a great competition. It was all about getting involved and saying YES to a challenge!

First….. The end of the summer term saw the Penny Wars Charity Challenge come to an end…

Penny Wars Result

Darby managed to clinch the 1st place position due to some tactical playing during the last couple of weeks. Gryphon took 2nd place, pushing Aragon into 3rd and Petypher in fourth.

As a school community, Penny wars has raised close to £500 since it was launched in the middle of the Autumn Term. Thank you to Miss Sullivan for overseeing this competition which will continue next year and well done and thank you to all who played the game and helped raise so much.

We put the Penny Wars money together with the money the Year 7’s raised doing the Smarties tube challenge earlier this year and the money raised during Mr Taylors dodgeball training/games sessions.


All the money will be going towards the One Day Trauma charity which old boy of the school, Paras Shah came in to speak to us about. As a community, all together we have raised over £800.

Which Houses won what this year?

Points have been collated verified and below shows the……

House Point results.

House point results

Aragon have taken first place in this competition in which teachers have given out nearly 10 and a half thousand housepoints! Well done Aragon and Miss Sullivan.

Community Awards

New this year – it sees Gryphon take first place.

community award points

Well done Gryphon and Mr Gibbons. We have seen 100 bronze, 40 Silver, 15 Gold, 3 Platinum awards handed in.  A total that can easily be beaten next year but a good starting figure…. Keep your community awards and continue with them next year!

Competition Overall Results

The competitions has been very close all year – ALL House competitions and charity challenges have been counted in here and you can see how close it was between first and second place but again Gryphon have won with 1318 points.

competition points

Well done once again to Gryphon and Mr Gibbons.

Overall Winner 2016 – 2017 …

final results 2016 -2017

Darby! Well Done.

Despite not winning any of the sections, they were always a close second which has secured them as the overall winners for this year. Well done to Darby and Mrs Mehta.

Another great year in the Houses which has seen all Houses very close all year. Thank you to the 4 Heads of House for all their hard work this year and a goodbye to Mr Jones as Head of Petypher.

Sports Week and Day

I am going to end this blog with  link to a Video which has been put together by Ben Thorn of 9D (now 10D) using a variety of photos and videos taken by the House media reps and Mr Martin during sports day and sports week events …….enjoy ……..

QMGS Sports Day and Week Celebration Video June 2017

Some photos of the exciting week in June for the Houses….

sports day 3sports day 1sports day 2

Now for 2017 – 2018…….