Autumn Term …. busy, busy, busy.

So, lots has been happening this term. We have started the term at full speed with Competitions for the Senior Boys and Girls and also Year 7’s.

A huge thank you must go to Mr Gibbons (Head of Gryphon) for overseeing nearly every single sporting competition this term.

Results and details of the above competitions are as follows;

Boys Hockey results










Boys Futsal results

My name is Ben Hopton, and my role as Captain of House involves aiding the SLT, Director of Houses and the Heads of Houses with overseeing the House Competitions, from house sporting events to charity food collections. It also means getting teams of sixth formers to volunteer their time to officiate at lunch times as well as giving up many of my lunches to officiate myself and oversee the help from other sixth formers. So far this year I have participated in house hockey and house futsal, refereed in year 7 house futsal, year 8 and year 9 house basketball and will be continuing to referee the year 10 and year 11 at lunchtimes over the next few weeks.

girls futsal results

Senior Girls Futsal

by Sophie Chatwin

After a successful tournament last year, each house was hoping to improve on their previous results. With a great turnout of spectators from all houses cheering the players on, the first game commenced, which saw 2 player Darby put up a fight against 5 player Darby. Despite all players, but more specifically the Darby duo Bernie and Kasia, maintaining a high work ethic all match, Darby lost the match 3-1 to Aragon. Goals scored by Jade Summan and Chloe Banks, and Bernie.

The second match, Gryphon vs Petypher, saw a better turnout of players, with both teams having a full line-up. This was a fast-paced match, with strong tackles and a determined display. If it hadn’t have been for Simran Rana in goal for Petypher making some excellent saves, the score line could’ve been very different, but with goals 5 from myself, and a late goal from Rhyanna Makan, the game ended 5-1 to Gryphon.

Day 2 saw Aragon, who seemed to be confident after their previous victory, take on Petypher who were hoping to improve on their defeat. With Aragon looking like a strong side, this was arguably a one-sided match, as well-worked goals from Chloe Banks, Jade Summan and Abigail Hazel saw Aragon accurately slot past 5 goals. Nothing can be taken away from Petypher though, as their passion came through whilst pushing for a goal, even in the later stages of the match. A final corner saw all players flood into the box to try and sneak one past the keeper, but the ball just didn’t see the net. The final score, was 5-0 to Aragon.

Equipped with a full team, Darby took on last year’s winners Gryphon. Very quickly, Gryphon proved to be the stronger team, with a fantastic team goal tapped in by Radelina Ancheva giving Gryphon the early lead. Taking this into their stride, 4 further goals were scored by myself, as a result of quick passing, and accurate strikes. Despite having many counter attacks, Darby were unsuccessful in scoring against Gryphon’s strong defence of Madeline and Priya. The clean sheet highlighting Shannon Sangha’s performance, who put on a great display in goal, the game ended 5-0 to Gryphon.

After an unsuccessful competition for both, one of the final games, Darby vs Petypher, was cancelled due to a lack of players and the score line was determined to be 0-0. Despite this, both teams were happy to pick up their first point of the competition.

On the other hand, with both Aragon and Gryphon having won their previous two games, all was to play for in the final match. An early goal from myself put Gryphon ahead, but Aragon were not prepared to lose; with a strong defence and a successful counter attack, they were back in the game at 1-1. This high-paced match proved to be an exciting one, after 3 more goals contributed by myself, Radelina and Rebekah, put Gryphon back in the lead. Gryphon were sure they had won, yet they were soon proved wrong, as after goals from Chloe, Jade and Rhea, the score stood at 4-4. With Mr Francis offering to go in goal for Aragon, who were at this point a player down, Gryphon were finding it harder to find the net, whilst Aragon netted another. This was enough, however, to motivate Gryphon, who after a quick team talk and a change of tactics, managed to score another 6 goals in the second half of the match. As the final whistle blew, the game ended 10-5 to Gryphon.

Gryphon were the overall winners, for the second year running, after victories in all three of their matches, and Aragon closely behind in second place.

Girls futsal image 1
Gryphon: Radelina Ancheva, Sophie Chatwin, Rebekah Thomas, Madeline Van Loan, Priya Doal.

Rebekah Thomas has also written her views of the Senior Girls Futsal competition….

On the 9th of October, the senior girls’ house futsal commenced. Unfortunately, for the first two games I was injured so was unable to play, but I enjoyed cheering Gryphon on from the side-lines who performed extremely well, winning both previous games. On the day of the third game, I was able to play which I was rather excited about. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect, but due to my competitive nature I was determined to win. We had to think carefully and strategically about positioning and it was decided that Sophie and Raddi would play forward, Priya and I in defence and Madeleine in goal. Our competition was Aragon, who also had a competitive team. Nevertheless, we were able to pull out a win and it was a great feeling to come out of our first House Futsal victorious! As a whole, I think the senior girls’ house futsal was a great success. It helped us to become more confident and really feel the close-knit community that Queen Mary’s has. Inter-house competitions are a great way to represent your house team, relieve some stress and ultimately to just have fun! I’m looking forward to the next inter house competition and strongly recommend everyone to participate next time, whether it be to support the house, or even to partake in the games.


Year 7 futsal results

House Futsal Gryphon Report by Joe Waterman

Before half-term, the Year 7 House Futsal Tournament took place. In the end, Gryphon claimed an amazing overall victory due to convincing performances against Aragon (W 5-0), Darby (W 4-3) and Petypher (W 5-0). Team member Kavin Balakrishnan stated that “Gryphon is the epitome of teamwork” and this was evident in abundance throughout the competition. Nevertheless, all involved demonstrated great sportsmanship and skill and it was an exciting first taste of House competitions for the Year 7 pupils! By Joe Waterman (7G).

Speech Day Celebrations

On Thursday 19th September we celebrated the Houses achievements during Speech Day evening which saw Darby collect the 2016 -2017 Overall Winners Trophy. Gryphon picked up two shields, one for winning the Competition and the second for winning the Community Awards. Aragon picked up the shield for winning the Housepoints compeition.

speech night image
Head of Houses with House Captains

House Basketball

After the half term break, the Houses Basketball competition started. This is for Year 8,9,10 and 11. An A team and a B team have been put together by each house and the particiption has been great to see. Thank you to Captains of House Ben and Abazz for helping to oversee the B team matches with the help of several sixth formers. A special thank you has to go out to Harjeevan Dhillon who has given up a lots of his lunchtimes to referee.

Results below:

Year 9 A team basketball resultsYear 9 B team basketball resultsYear 8 A team basketball resultsYear 8 basketball results

House Rugby

The House rugby competitions have also started which are taking place during Games lessons.

Year 10 Rugby – Thank you to Mr Collins and Mr Hawkins for overseeing and refereeing this competition on 6th November 2017.  The results are as follows:

1st place were Petypher with 8 points
2nd place were Darby with 7 points
3rd place were Gryphon with 5 points
4th place were Aragon with 4pts


Thank you to Ethan Hall for the above photos.

Year 8 Rugby – Thank you to Mr Magee and Mr Mackenzie for overseeing and refereeing the matches on 16th November 2017. The results are as follows:

1st place - Darby (9pts)
2nd place - Gryphon (7pts)
3rd place - Petypher (5pts)
4th place - Aragon (3pts)


Year 7 Roman Shield Competition

The History Department set the Year 7’s the challenge of building their very own Roman Shield after studying the Romans this half term. It was great to see how many came into school and the effort that had been put into making them. After lots of deliberation in the History department, the results are as follows:

1st = Darby (120pts)

2nd = Aragon (112pts)

3rd = Gryphon (110pts)

4th = Petypher (87pts)

Year 7 shield winners
The Top 3 of the Shield Competition during Year 7 Assembly.

1st = Joe Waterman (7G) , 2nd = Lucas Yau (7D), 3rd = Mika Illmann-Walker (7D)

Still to come this term…..

  • Year 10 and Year 11 House Basketball
  • Year 7, 9 and Senior House Rugby
  • Senior Girls gingerbread decorating competition
  • Food bank donations are ongoing until the end of term
  • House Chess is being started
  • House Cross Country
  • Year 9 Design competition
  • Community Awards are ongoing

That’s it for now. A very long report this time as we have been doing so much. Well done to everyone who has contributed.

Until next time…..get involved!