Houses rise to Charity Challenges

The  Spring term term ended with all four Houses rising to the challenges that had been set for them within the House Competitions and the Charity Challenges.

A big Thank you goes out to Mrs Phillips who ran the first ever

House Articulate Competition

which was a resounding success.

Articulate in full swing in the Food Tech Room

Individual Winners

  • Year 7  – Louis Farmer from 7D
  • Year 8 – Alek Reimus from 8P
  • Year 9 – Jackson Fraser from 9D

House Results

1st  with 19.5points were Aragon, 2nd with 18 points were Gryphon

3rd with 13 points were Darby and 4th with 8 points were Petypher


This competition concluded this term with Fahim Nasiri from Gryphon holding onto his title after a great battle against A. Garewal also from Gryphon.

A great final between F. Nasiri & A. Garewal with semi finalist Sarvesh Rajdev looking on…..maybe next year Sarvesh?

Final House Results from the Chess Competition

  • 1st place Gryphon with 248 points
  • 2nd place Petypher with 204 points
  • 3rd place Aragon with 181 points
  • 4th place Darby with 173 points

More than 200 students have been involved with this competition. Well done to all students who got involved. A great competition!

Penny Wars – Miss Sullivan – Head of Aragon explains….

Penny wars is a new competition we introduced this year for all years to participate. The aim is simple; coppers in your own tub gets you points, silvers in someone else’s tub takes points away from them. It is a tactical game where houses can stealthy put their opponents on negative points! We have seen other houses gang up on Darby and have currently left them in 4th place with -622 points. 3rd place is gryphon with 1267 points, 2nd place is petypher with 2221 points and in 1st place is Aragon with 3236 points. It is still early days at the competition is ongoing till the end of the year, so it is still anyone’s game! So far as a house system we have raised £263.47, which will be donated to day one trauma charity. I look forward to seeing the final results at the end of the year.

Miss Sullivan lead a full school assembly talking about how the Houses have supported various charities this year including Day One Trauma. We were lucky enough to have Paras Shah, an old QM boy come in to talk during the assembly. He spoke openly and passionately about Day One Trauma, his involvement with them and his continued fundraising efforts. The money raised from Penny Wars and from the Year 7 Smarties Challenge will be going to Day One.


Food Bank Challenge – Miss Mehta, Head of Darby reflects ….

It has been a successful project with the students raising over 300 items for the Walsall North foodbank. It was a very proud moment for me and the school to see students getting involved and contributing to the welfare of their local community.

Projects like this play a very important role in the social and moral development of each and every student of the school. I would like to thank all the pupils for their contribution and hope that they would continue with the good deeds outside school. Finally, I would like to congratulate all students who contributed and  a special mention goes to Darby for raising the most items for the food bank, closely followed by Petypher. I would hope that more members of the school community will get involved in similar projects.

Year 7 Smarties Challenge – Run by Mr Gibbons, Head of Gryphon

Year 7’s were set the challenge of trying to fill up tubes of smarties (once they had eaten the chocolate) with 20pence pieces over a period of weeks.

The results are as follows ….

1st = Darby (£91.20)
2nd = Gryphon (£58.70)
3rd = Aragon (average £55.70)
4th = Petypher (£22.55)

An impressive total of £283.85 was raised which will also be going to the Charity Day One. Well done Year 7 and thank you to Mr Gibbons.

We hope you have all had a good break and are ready for the Summer Term ……lots going on in the Summer Term including…

  1. House Cricket
  2. House Assemblies
  3. Sports Day/Week
  4. More ………………

In the next few days, another blog will be going up which is being written by members of 9G giving their opinion and overview of what has been going on.

From the Houses Team

New Year = New Challenges!

It has been quite a while since we have updated this House Blog but lots has been happening. Here are just a few highlights ….

James Elliot (10P) wrote the following  report about a match that took place during the Year 10 House Basketball competition.

Petypher played Darby in a House basketball match on the 1st of December. Darby won after a very close and highly skilled game. Petypher and Darby both had very strong attacking players in tactical positions and both teams scored throughout the match.Harvir scored 2 shots in the final minutes of the game as Bismarck Badu lost possession at the halfway line. 5m away from the hoop, he scored as Petypher’s defence couldn’t keep up.

Blow are photos James took during some of the Year 10 House Basketball and House Hockey games at the end of last term.

Lots of the House & Media Representatives plus Year 7’s threw themselves into helping put together a Houses Christmas Video to be shown during the last assembly of term. Everyones enthusiasm and hard work in front of and behind the camera was much appreciated and the end result was brilliant. The whole school seemed to really enjoy the fun and christmasy feel to the video. A great way to end a very busy term.

The new year has continued to be busy with lots of sporting competitions but also some new charity challenges.

Miss Mehta ran the Food Bank Charity Challenge just before February half term. We wanted to help and support the North Walsall Food bank and asked the School Community to get behind us by being generous in approach. Each House had a box in reception in which we were asking for donations of non-perishable food items.  We tallied up all the items before they were delivered to the foodbank. As a School we donated a total of 319 items with Darby winning the overall challenge closely followed by Petypher. The North Walsall foodbank appreciated our generousity.

thank you

Miss Sullivan has introduced another Charity Challenge called Penny Wars! The Houses are battling it out and raising money for charity at the same time. 4 tubs, one for each House are situated in reception. Copper and silver coins are being placed into them but  strategy is everything! This challenge will continue for the rest of the school year. Results and rules are below….

penny 2
Results to date…….
Rules of the Game

What else has been going on?

  • House Chess is coming to an end, will Fahim Nasiri hold on to his title?.
  • Year 7 Design House competition has been judged by members of the National Memorial Arboretum thanks to Mr Hughes.
  • KS3 House Articulate is being set up by Mrs Phillips.
  • House Swimming has been taking place.
  • Senior House Rugby is on its way.
  • Mr Gibbons has been launching the Smarties Challenge with Year 7.
  • Mr Jones is about to launch the Africa Aid challenge.

and finally Community Awards have been coming in thick and fast. Ancic Matthews and Taran Singh of 9G write ….

Our first Impressions of this new House Challenge……The process has been enriching our experience of this school community and opening our eyes to the diverse range of clubs and societies. It has also been allowing us to better ourselves as members of the local community aswell. So far, working together through these comprehensive challenges, we have found that working hard to complete them was not as easy as we first anticipated. However, we believe that working hard will result in a fruitful rounded experience to not only our school careers but also our future prospects.

So that is it for now until the next update.

From the Houses Team







House Community Awards – 1st Gold achieved!

This term saw the launch of the House Community Awards. Year 7 – 9 were issued with Bronze Community Award record cards. Year 10, 11 and 12 were given Silver and finally Year 13 were given Gold record cards.

Students have been working hard towards achieving the targets on the lists. It has been a learning curve and after several discussions, it was agreed that Year 13 were allowed to include achievements they accomplished during their Year 12. All other Year groups still had to start from September this year. 

As we approach the end of this term, the Houses Team have been impressed with how well a large number of students from all year groups have approached the challenges. In October the first Gold Community Award was completed by Nirali Parekh. Her certificate of achievement and Gold Community Award badge were presented in assembly by the Headmaster as it was such a momentous moment in the history of these awards. 

Nirali writes……

The Gold Award is a community award that allows you to give back to school through various activities. To contribute towards my award , I became a silver prefect through holding the role of Head Girl which has allowed me to develop inter – personal skills and build confidence. These skills aided my mentoring sessions with a GCSE maths student. Being partly responsible for someone else’s academic endeavours was daunting but I successfully overcame difficulties. Throughout the year I improved time management. This was key for when I played a key role in the school drama production called Bassett. I was presented with my award by Mr.Swain, during a school assembly and this was a rewarding moment for me. The awards allow pupils to not only gain house points but develop key life skills which cannot be taught in a classroom alone. I highly encourage students to attempt to try something new, step outside of their comfort zones and get stuck into this exciting opportunity. 

Nirali Parekh 6HD

Chris Lines was close behind and was the second student to finish his Gold Community Award. He writes….

My name is Chris Lines and in October of 2016 I completed the requirements to earn the gold community award. To do this, I had to complete 6 tasks out of a possible 25 and get evidence of these by getting teachers to sign the tasks off once completed. By becoming a silver prefect in October and Aragon House Captain at the start of the year, I had already completed 2 tasks. Another was to participate in 3 house competitions which over the course of last year I was able to do by taking part in house futsal, hockey, cross country and more. I also helped out as a referee in football during sports week last year, which ticked off another task. The final two were to do with CCF and by being part of the 2016 Military Skills team and attending annual camp, I had completed the 6 in order to achieve the award. 

Paramveer Bhachu is the third Year 13 student to complete his Gold Award.

Paramveer Bhachu 6MB

It has been great to see the Year 13’s doing so well and the three above are now working through the Platinum Award challenges. As the term is nearly over, other Year groups are starting to complete their Community Awards. The first Bronze Community Award has been achieved by Ben Thorn of 9D with Joseph Mitchell of 7P and Joe Dickson of 7D very close behind.

The above students awards will be formally recognised and certificates presented during House Assemblies in January.

The Houses Team encourage you all to look again at your Community Award Record card to see how close you are to completing the required challenges, get them signed and handed in. We are now waiting for the first award to be completed by Year 8, 10, 11 and 12….who will it be?

Good luck from the Houses Team

Mrs Youngman & Mr Francis

Miss Sullivan, Mrs Mehta, Mr Gibbons and Mr Jones



Senior Girls and Futsal

Hi there!

I’m Chhaya Patel – one of the Senior Captain’s of House, alongside Immanuel Hazel. I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A-Level. So far this academic year, I am part of the school netball team, have played in Senior Girls House Futsal and I am part of this year’s Fireworks committee, with Lewis Ward. As part of my role, I would like to see the whole school (including sixth form) getting involved in House competitions, whether they be sporting, academic, charity events, community awards or gaining house points.

The first half term of the school year has seen 3 House Futsal Competitions: Senior Girls, Senior Boys and Year 7; Senior Boys House Hockey has also taken place. Below is a great report about the Senior Girls Futsal Competition written by Emily Pitt of Gryphon.

It was a great competition that I participated in myself. It was fantastic to see such a large turnout, and I hope to see similar support shown for future house events. Thank you to all those that played or that came along to watch and support their house and thank you to Mr Gibbons for organising it.

In the coming half term we hope to introduce and launch various charity challenges in year’s 7-9 to raise money, collect books,  stationary and non perishables for 3 chosen charities. I hope that sixth formers will also get involved.

Chhaya Patel 🙂

Futsal Report:  With girl’s house events such a success last year, many girls were once again looking forward to competing in the first house event of the year, house futsal.
With some talent from each house leaving QM last year, the competition was left wide open to every house. Having only been in the school for 4 weeks, the new year 12s found themselves being recruited into their first sporting event of their time at QM. The turnout of new girls was very good for some houses like Gryphon, who had 4 year 12s available to play at every match. This could not be said however for other houses where the teams comprised of only 1 or 2 year 12s, which is something that could definitely be improved ahead of the next house events.

Going into the first match on Wednesday 28th September was Aragon and Darby; with Darby overflowing with available players, giving them plenty of substitutes with fresh legs for the latter half of the match. However, this abundance of players was still not enough to cloud the attacking force of Aragon’s trio of Chhaya, Alina and Tara. Together with a borrowed player from Darby in goal, they were able to score an impressive 6 goals making the game very one sided. Darby managed a few counter-attacks led by differing players, which had the support of all of the spectators from Petypher and Gryphon. Unfortunately, none of the breaks were successful, leaving the final score at 6-0 to Aragon.

The second match of the day was Gryphon versus last year’s dominating team in girl’s house events, Petypher. From the whistle until the end of the match, Gryphon’s defence were rarely required due to the strength of their attackers. The effort of Petypher’s defence however was admirable as they attempted to dampen Gryphon’s streak of goal scoring. Credit is certainly due to Petypher’s goal keeper, Kareeyce, who managed to save a fair few goals despite the final score. The 11 goals scored by Gryphon were result of the fast paced passing and accurate strikes from Hannah, Sophie and Ellie, with Sophie scoring an impressive 9 out of the 11 goals. Final score 11-0 to Gryphon.

The following day Aragon went into their match against Petypher strong after their win over Darby. Aragon set off confidently scoring 2 goals in succession, but Petypher soon responded to end Aragon’s run of goals, by scoring their first goal in the futsal competition thanks to the teamwork of the forward players of Zaynab and Kathryn. This was then swiftly followed by a further 3 goals forcing Aragon to play defensively for the rest of the match. Although Aragon tried to claw back at the lead Petypher had over them, their attacks were unsuccessful. This left the final score at 4-2 to Petypher.

After their success the previous day, Gryphon went into their second match confidently. However, from the whistle, Gryphon’s attackers found it difficult to find space amongst Darby’s defence which comprised of the majority of their team, with Amal and Jaya especially, blocking many of Gryphon’s attacks. This made the match much less one sided than expected. Darby were unable to make any strong breaks to cause a threat to Gryphon meaning Gryphon continued their streak of not letting a goal in. In this match, it was the turn of Hannah and Ellie from Gryphon to score 3 goals between them to make the final score 3-0 to Gryphon.

The final day of matches saw Darby versus Petypher, with Darby yet to win a match despite their commendable team effort. Straight away it was clear the match would be very close as both teams were showing promising skill in attacking against each other. It was Darby who took the lead with a goal from Nikita. Petypher soon responded with a goal to bring the scores level. Desperate not to lose their final match, Darby kept on the front foot and were rewarded by a second goal. With the match looking to end 2-1, Petypher had one final attack in the closing minute of the game to try to bring the scores level again. A great final goal by Kathryn ended the game with a draw, 2-2.

Gryphon versus Aragon was the match most people were looking forward to, as they were the two strongest teams of the house competition. Gryphon found themselves on the back foot early on, testing their defence and the goal keeping skills of Frankie, who had not played football before the first match on Wednesday. Although spending the majority of the match attacking, Aragon were unable to find the back of the net before Gryphon. A relieving first goal by Ellie allowed Gryphon to focus all of their players in defence for the rest of the match. Aragon’s impressive skills and teamwork by all players, especially Alina, allowed them to score an equaliser, bringing the score to 1-1. Both sides were able to stand their ground for the rest of the match, depriving each other of any further goals.

This closely competed match was a great way to end the house futsal competition, demonstrating both the healthy rivalry between the houses, and the tight community within the houses.

(Above) Senior Girls House Futsal Results Table
The Winning Team – Gryphon – Emily, Sophie, Ellie, Monica, Hannah, Frankie

Report by Emily Pitt 6HC, Gryphon

House Trumpet, new year, new format.

Welcome to the House Trumpet blog.

We are going to be blogging about House events, competitions, results, achievements and lots more, regularly throughout the year.

I have stepped down as Head of Petypher but am now Director of the House system alongside Mr Francis who is in charge of all House Competitions.

I am nervously writing this first blog as it is all very new to me but I feel it is important to move with the times and keep you all informed and up to date with the goings on of the House System.

Heads of House will also be involved in writing and contributing to the blogs as will the Senior Leadership House Prefects, House Captains, Vice Captains, Media Representatives and House Representatives.

The first three weeks of term have been extremely busy for the House System and no competitions have even started yet.

Mr Francis and I lead a full school assembly on Thursday 15th September rounding up last year and speaking to the whole school community about the new initiatives.

 2015-2016 Results for each section
2015-2016 Final Overall Results


Well done to Darby. This is the first time that one House has won all three parts. A great achievement. I wonder how this table will look this time next year?

We have 3 new Heads of House this year who are Miss Sullivan, Head of Aragon & Mrs Mehta, Head of Darby. Mr Jones is Head of Petypher with Mr Gibbons continuing as Head of Gryphon. They held their first House assemblies last week and it was great to see such a positive atmosphere in them all. Looks like it is going to be an exciting and competitive year!

All students should now have either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Community Award record card. This is a new initiative and so far the feedback has been positive. Students can select the tasks they want to do and work through them at their own pace.

Examples of the QMGS House Community Award Record Cards


Coming up, Senior Boys House Hockey and Senior Girls Futsal competitions. Keep track of all the competitions on the live school calendar as the Houses have their own tab.

Remember to get involved and have fun this year.  Mrs Youngman